We Build Black Partners With JP Morgan Chase For Tech Showcase And Job Fair

JP Morgan Chase partners with We Build Black to discuss the importance of hiring Black people, the Black identity being recognized outside of the general POC label, and why they are specifically hiring Minorities for the workplace.

JP Morgan Chase (JPMC) is being intentional about hiring Black professionals, so they partnered with We Build Black (WBB) to support that mission. On November 18-19, 2020, WBB and JPMC will host their 1st virtual Intentional Tech Showcase at 5:30 p.m. EST.

On day one, the organizations will host a panel discussion “Specifically Hiring Black & Why?” featuring speakers from JP Morgan Chase: VP of Platform Services Monique Forward, Director of Platform Services William Rice, and VP of Sustained Engineering Ann Savage. Attendees will learn about the importance of hiring Black people, the Black identity being recognized outside of the general POC label, and offer insight during the Q&A on hard-hitting topics. The panel will stream live on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube from We Build Black social media pages.

“I’m particularly excited about this event series because it will be a real conversation that specifically tends to the needs of Black representation in the workforce,” states Founder of WBB and event organizer Devin Jackson. “We can appreciate a company that’s being honest about their diversity shortcomings, admitting ‘we need more black people,’ and being proactive about not settling for a blanket sense of diversity.”

The mission of WBB is to empower the Black community to achieve socio-economic change through technical education and professional development. We Build Black creates opportunities for Black technologists to network, share skills, give and receive mentorship, and discover their next employer. By nurturing the existing community of Black technologists and creating pathways into tech, they’re building a more equitable tech industry for themselves and the next generation.

On day two, attendees will have the opportunity to network directly with business leaders, while learning about the Software Engineering opportunities available across the New York Metropolitan. Attendees will also be able to participate in job-seeker opportunities streaming via Zoom. This will also feature live demos from the newest technology and software platforms from the following:

Demo #1 — GAIA Platform services(PS) is responsible for defining, developing, engineering and operating Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) products consumed by our Application Development partners. Our teams are designed to accelerate GTI’s transformation into a customer centric software provider for consumable platforms. Speakers include JPMC App. Developer, Infrastructure Engineer in the Cloud Enablement department Satyan Nair, and GTI Platform Services Client Enablement & Cloud Architect Subhash Kumar.

Demo #2 — The Client Service Workspace (CSW) Studio application underpins the next generation CSW2.0 platform aimed at streamlining the development of operational dashboards. CSW Studio has shortened the delivery cycle from several months down to 1-2 days for change iterations, significantly improving time to market and reducing bespoke/custom development. The featured speaker will be Sajani Geria, who is the Technology Lead of Securities Services Data Warehousing via the Global Data Warehouse and PARIS, CSW Studio and Data Studio applications.

“We Build Black continues to be an excellent partner with an unwavering commitment to their members and community,” states VP of New York Metro Tech Recruiting Lead Nora Elmanzalawy. “I am always so excited to partner with WBB and really looking forward to our tech showcase.”

All job seekers must attend the day-one panel in order to be considered for job opportunities presented on day-two. Upon registration, you will receive an email following day-one’s event with the Zoom link for day-two. For more information on registration, tickets are available on Eventbrite for November 18th. Upon registering, guests will then proceed to submit registration for November 19th. To stay updated on events and opportunities, visit www.webuildblack.com and follow their social media @webuildblack.

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