Wayne PA Veterans Aid Application Form Online For Retroactive Benefits Launched

AidandAttendance.com in Wayne, PA announces its one-page "Intent to File" form for wartime veterans and their spouses. It enables applicants to check eligibility and get a range of retroactive benefits with monthly payouts.

AidandAttendance.com based in Wayne, PA announces its service and benefits for wartime veterans and their spouses. They have a one-page form that enables veterans to get the earliest retroactive date for benefits from the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA).

For more information visit their website at https://www.aidandattendance.com

With this new announcement, this agency aims to aid wartime veterans and their spouses by paying for their living, home and adult daycare expenses. By filling out and submitting the ‘Intent To File’ form, people can benefit from an extra month of retroactive benefits.

The “Intent to File” form is used to notify the VA of the veteran’s intent to file for benefits. According to AidandAttendance.com submitting this form gives the applicant a year to submit the rest of the VA benefits claim.

The advantage of this “Intent to File” form is that the VA will consider the first day of the following month as the official start date of the claim. They will even pay for the months the applicant spent waiting for the acceptance of the claim.

Some families decide to send a 30+ page application to the VA a month later instead of sending the “Intent to File” form. By doing so they effectively lose out on a month’s benefits because their start date will be pushed to the date the VA receives the completed application.

AidandAttendance.com has created a free online tool to determine if an applicant is eligible for their retroactive and pension benefits. If deemed eligible, they have an application software allowing the form o be filled up in less than one hour. This technology helps the applicant to complete the necessary paperwork, print, sign and submit it directly to the VA to claim the benefit.

This software significantly cuts down the time it would normally take to fill out the 30-page application and it costs only $99. If an applicant is not eligible, the agency will provide solutions to enable eligibility or refer the applicant to a specialist in some cases.

For more information visit their website at https://www.aidandattendance.com or call them on +1-800-626-7145.

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