Waterproof Parka Jackets For Men – Sustainable Long Winter Coats Canada Launch

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Montreal-based fashion retailer Frank And Oak is announcing the launch of its sustainably designed Capital parka for men, which is now available at its online store. With an estimated warmth rating -30° C and below, this winter coat is a stylish parka for extreme cold.

Canadian fashion brand Frank And Oak is known for its sophisticated fashion and sustainable practices. With the launch of its featherless, waterproof men’s Capital parka, the company is releasing one of its most innovative, multipurpose coat designs for the active, conscientious consumer.

More information is available at: https://ca.frankandoak.com/pages/mens-sustainable-winter-outerwear

The founders of the Frank And Oak brand say that while style is an expression of the individual, designing made-to-last products at the highest ethical standards is what defines their efforts as a company. The newly launched men’s Capital parka is an example of the brand’s dual commitment to both their customers’ personalized style experiences and the wellbeing of the planet.

Designed with purpose, the high-quality, eco-friendly Capital parka is seam-sealed, waterproof, and offers 100% recycled polyester, which is also a two-way stretch material. Made with featherless Primaloft® insulation, the coat helps regulate body temperature to offer warmth, breathability, and comfort.

Customers who choose outerwear with this innovative fabric instead of down can benefit from a material made from 100% recycled bottles that performs better than down, which is not nearly as reliable when it gets wet. Primaloft® also offers a more humane choice to consumers, in line with Frank And Oak commitment to Inspire Better Living.

As previously announced, the coat’s 20K/20K rating means it offers the highest levels of exterior waterproofing. A recycled poly lining, neoprene collar, inner jersey arm extension with a thumbhole, and front closure with zipper and magnetic buttons prevent water from seeping in.

For extra utility, the coat also features an inside media pocket and zipped smart pocket designed to keep devices and other personal items easily accessible yet dry and protected.

A recent customer says, “One of the best winter jackets I’ve worn to date. It’s a really well-thought-out jacket that does an excellent job at keeping the cold winter winds out. Plus points for being made of sustainable material as well. The magnetic buttons on the jacket are an amazing feature that all winter jackets should honestly have.”

With the launch of its men’s Capital parka, the team at Frank And Oak is giving conscientious consumers the outdoor protection they need and the style they want from a brand that prioritizes ethical and sustainable methods.

Visit https://ca.frankandoak.com to find out more.

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