Waterproof In-Shower Pubic/Body Hair Grooming Electric Trimmer For Men Launched

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Fuze Brands, an online retailer of homeware and men’s grooming products, has launched a new item in its range: the Below-The-Belt Electric Trimmer, designed for trimming and grooming pubic hair and the groin area.

The latest addition to the collection offers a top-quality waterproof electric trimmer with ceramic blades capable of 6000 strokes per minute, for a cleaner, closer trim.

More details can be found at https://fuzebrands.com/collections/health-beauty/products/electric-groin-hair-trimmer-body-groomer-for-men-ipx7-waterproof-mini-se

The recent launch from Fuze Brands comes in addition to the company’s range of men’s grooming products, including the Back and Body Shaver, and the Fuze Flex Grooming Kit.

For many men, the subject of body hair is a sensitive topic – especially when it comes to what their girlfriend or partner prefers. According to one recent survey, 70% of women prefer it when their partner is neatly trimmed, groomed, or clean-shaven ‘down there’, and with the Below-The-Belt Electric Trimmer from Fuze Brands, hair management is a simple task.

Featuring clever ceramic blades for a close, nick-free shave, the trimmer is fully waterproof for use at any time, any place – and with 90 minutes of charge, can last through even the longest of showers. Once the user is done trimming, it’s easy to give the product a quick rinse under the water and a thorough dry before charging for the next use.

Using sensitive skin technology to ensure a clean trim, customers will find the small size of the trimmer is ideal for comfort and maneuverability in the most difficult-to-reach groin and pubic areas. Developed with a sturdy shockproof polycarbonate shell, the Below-The-Belt Trimmer can withstand being dropped from awkward angles, and for extra hairy users, there’s no need to worry about dulling the blades, as they’re easy to replace.

Cordless, the trimmer comes with a USB charger (though should only be charged when fully dry), and 2 adjustable trim guards. Though created for use in those hard-to-reach nether areas, users will find it’s a fantastic and simple tool for trimming excess body hair elsewhere, too, such as the back, chest, or abdomen.

“This is my fourth attempt at purchasing something to clean up my sack lunch and balloon knot nethers with,” said one satisfied customer. “This is the first time I have ever had a bloodless, nick-less, incident-free journey to silk town.”

Interested parties can find out more at https://fuzebrands.com/collections/health-beauty/products/electric-groin-hair-trimmer-body-groomer-for-men-ipx7-waterproof-mini-se

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