Waterloo ON Restaurants Menu Online Directory Coupons & Events Platform Launched

A new social media platform for local food, fun and events has been launched, called MenusVenues. The platform makes it easy for businesses to connect with a larger audience and bring in new leads.

A new social media platform for local food, fun and events has been launched, called MenusVenues. It allows Waterloo, Ontario restaurants, clubs, and entertainment venues to list their offerings with ease, connecting them with a wide audience and helping to increase leads.

More information can be found at: https://menusvenues.com

The site offers businesses around the Waterloo region the chance to grow and connect with more prospects quickly and easily.

For users, the site is simple and easy to use. Visitors just have to enter their city and type in what they’re looking for, then the powerful search tool will bring up tailored results for them.

Alternatively, they can browse through specific keywords and topics, including food types like Asian, Deli, Cafe, Greek, Italian, Mexican and Pizzeria.

Popular destinations can also be browsed seamlessly by choosing from locations provided on the company website. This makes it easy for anyone to find special offers, delicious restaurants, and events that are near them.

For restaurants it’s a great way to showcase new menus and promote great food, prices, and special offers. Using the MenusVenues site, restaurants can get more leads just through signing up.

Directory sites like this are becoming increasingly popular because they offer a range of benefits to the business. First, it connects them with a wider audience because they can get found by customers who aren’t necessarily searching in their niche.

Second, the backlinks to their company’s website helps to increase Google ranking, leading to more inbound traffic on a regular basis.

The site states: “Now available for every city and town around the world, MenusVenues.com is offering a free directory submission service for local restaurants and events in your city or town in any English speaking country.”

Users can benefit from effective listing marketing solutions, autopilot listing submission, and an easy-to-use dashboard for business.

Interested parties can like their Facebook page at this link https://www.facebook.com/localfoodandfun/ to see updates of all the new restaurants added to MenusVenues every week. On that page visitors can like their favourite restaurant, or even discover a new local favourite they weren’t aware of.

Restaurant owners and managers can claim an existing listing on MenusVenues by following the instructions in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oDnta_3_og

If a restaurant is not on MenusVenues yet, restaurant managers can create a free account on the site at the URL above and proceed to “Add Listing” to get their restaurant posted and recognized quickly.

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