Water Leaks In Older Phoenix Homes Has Caused Damage To Various Properties, According To Plumber

Silver Fox Plumbing provides insight and tips on how to identify a water or plumbing leak in a home which can save people thousands in repairs by being proactive.

Phoenix has many older homes that were built in the 30s and 50s that currently exist today which still have an older plumbing system according to Silver Fox Plumbing. This has been the main cause for many current leaks and floods in Arizona homes today and here is why identifying water leaks fast can be so helpful:

In order to identify a water leak in a property, there are many different signs to look for in one’s home. Finding these water or plumbing leaks early can potentially save people thousands of dollars in plumbing repairs. One of the first things that will help a homeowner identify a plumbing leak is an odd smell or odor of mildew. The smell of mildew is very potent and is caused by water leaks, which can also lead to mold spores. 

Another way to tell if a plumbing leak, or broken pipe exists, is the appearance of  walls, or the ceiling. If the wall appears to be wet, or looks odd or softer this may be a real indicator of a broken pipe or leak inside the wall. This can be caused by old rusted pipes, or simply the result of an old plumbing system that needs to be replaced. In this case, it is best to contact a plumbing contractor right away because the situation will surely worsen.

Any time a water leak causes damage to a home another way to tell is if the ceiling becomes discolored or stained by the damage caused by the water leak. The color can usually be a yellowish type of color. This means that somehow water leaked either through the roof or depending on the structure of the plumbing system, it is also a possible indicator of a pipe leak.

If the flooring or carpet appears to be wet, moist, or damaged, it is more than likely that there is a chance that water damage was caused by a water leak or plumbing malfunction in the property. It’s possible that a water leak could have been caused by an appliance such as a washing machine, or dish washer, but the more common cause is bad pipes or broken pipes in the home. 

These different symptoms or signs of a water leak can help many people by identifying them sooner than later and acting quickly when it comes to hiring the right professional to repair these leaks properly which could save people thousands of dollars by being proactive and reducing further damage to the home or building structure.

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