Water fed pole to clean windows cuts time in half to clean customer’s windows

New upgrade to window cleaning method introduces the best way to clean the customer's windows in half the time using the popular water fed pole system.

Window Agency has announced a new upgrade to their popular window cleaning service by adding the water fed pole that uses deionized water to clean customer’s windows.

The water-fed pole has multiple new features designed to make life easier for home owners and business owners including:

It cuts time to clean customer’s windows in half – by using the water-fed pole, the water is sprayed onto the glass while the technician is cleaning it.

The deionized water leaches the dirt from the glass – the brush cleans not only the glass, but the frames also.

There is a spot free result – there are no spots or dirt on the glass after using pure water.

The use of the new water-fed pole does not eliminate the need for the traditional methods of window cleaning by mop and squeegee. It only enhances it when used together. These changes are only meant to compliment the current way to hand wash glass, which is traditionally with a mop and squeegee.

A full list of services that include the water-fed pole can be found on the company website, https://windowagency.com/.

The changes in using this water fed pole that uses deionized water to clean windows were bought about due to the need for faster and better service. As part of an ongoing effort to improve the customer experience for professional window cleaning in Reno, NV, customers can expect faster service, cleaner windows and frames, and more free time to themselves both now and in the future.

John Stevenson, the owner, had this to say:

“This new system will help the work go quickly, give a better result to the customer, and save the customer time”.

Current customers interested in learning more about Window Agency and their services can do so directly on the website at https://windowagency.com/. New customers can also use the site to schedule a window cleaning with the water-fed pole.

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