Water Damage Restoration Services Company Offers Exclusive Air Quality Testing

Environmental Mold Experts (restorationservicepro.com) is a full-service, professional remediation company offering water damage restoration service and InstaScope technology air quality test in Miami, Florida

Davie, FL. – Environmental Mold Experts, a family-owned business that provides water damage restoration services, mold inspection, and mold remediation throughout South Florida’s tri-county area, has added the InstaScope to their portfolio of mold inspection and air quality assessment technologies. The InstaScope technology was developed by the military and is now available for professional indoor air quality testing by Environmental Mold Experts.

Over the years, the professionals at Environmental Mold Experts have found toxic mold and allergens during inspections after a water damage restoration call. Mold is not always visible, can be airborne, and can be toxic. When inspecting a property with water damage, it is vitally important to conduct professional testing for the presence of mold which can grow undetected behind walls and produce severe health problems as well as being a structural hazard.

Environmental Mold Experts’ name has become synonymous with the highest quality professional work and they are recognized as a preferred provider for homeowners, commercial property managers, property damage attorneys, insurance adjusters, and insurance companies. They are a leading provider of water damage restoration services in South Florida’s tri-county area and now provide customers with the added benefit of the InstaScope technology to deliver instant, more accurate testing results.

Environmental Mold Experts, LLC., provides a wide range of services including Water Damage Assessment and Restoration, Storm Damage Assessment and Restoration, Mold Inspection, Mold Removal, and Remediation, Post Remediation Inspection and Verification, Fire Damage Restoration, Smoke Damage Assessment and Restoration, Professional Commercial and Residential Cleaning, and Professional Property Cleanup. The addition of the InstaScope technology has added the benefit of a new way to sample air quality with real-time data about every room in a property.

Jai Butler, the company CEO, explained that the InstaScope technology is a game-changer. ” In the past, an initial inspection or a post-mold remediation inspection of a home, business, or building, it could take days and sometimes up to a week to get the results after samples were been submitted to a lab. With the InstaScope technology, we can evaluate airborne biology instantly and generate reports for the customer on-site. This is a critical advantage as toxic mold is not always visible, and the building occupants can be exposed to an unhealthy and dangerous environment.”

InstaScope is the only optical particle technology of its kind on the market today, and Environmental Mold Experts, LLC., is currently the only water damage restoration, mold inspection, removal, and remediation company in South Florida tri-county area, offering this technology.

Environmental Mold Experts works directly with insurance companies and documents all damages and inspection results. To learn more about the services provided by Environmental Mold Experts, LLC., or to schedule an air quality test for your home or business, please visit our website www.restorationservicepro.com or call (866) 467-8607. At Environmental Mold Experts, LLC. we thank you for supporting America’s family-owned small businesses.

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