Water Damage Repair Company in CO Uses Fast-Dry Method to Restore Flooded Spaces

Restoration Logistics is making headlines thanks to their fast drying processes that restore properties which have been exposed to flooding.

Denver, CO — Water damage is two words homeowners dread hearing. In a situation that involves water damage, property owners usually anticipate that they’re in for a long road ahead, with drying out a space being a five-day process. Those living in the Denver and Aurora areas of Colorado don’t have to deal with that wait as the local company Restoration Logistics offers the quickest and quietest drying out process with cutting-edge technology.

Restoration Logistics is a disaster restoration company that was established in 1986 and quickly became the go-to company for the job in the areas surrounding both Denver and Aurora. They can handle any job whether it’s a home or business. Their services include water restoration, water cleanup, water damage repair, flood cleanup and drying, sewer backup cleanup, fire and smoke damage restoration, and leaking pipes.

Their team is highly-qualified with certificates in multiple areas of damage restoration, and they use a service called Water Out to dry out their client’s homes. It’s claimed to be the fastest and most cost effective drying technology in the world. They give their clients the guarantee that they’ll be there within 60 minutes and give their clients a comprehensive 5-year warranty. They also offer 24/7 emergency services as well as free estimates. No matter the situation, no matter the damage, Restoration Logistics promises a quick response and the best results.

Flooding is, unfortunately, a common occurrence in Colorado due to the combination of geography and meteorology that is common in the area. When flooding occurs in a home, it has to go through a lot to be restored to its former condition. Water cleanup and water restoration are required before the process can begin. After those processes are done, the house has to be dried out. The process can be done using dehumidifiers or using a strategy that involves alternating between using the house’s heat and air conditioning. Both processes can take a while and if not done correctly can lead to even more problems. Mold and mildew tend to grow within 48 to 72 hours after water has made contact with a home. If not taken care of properly, a homeowner may need water damage repair services as well.

For those in the Denver or Aurora areas who need help getting rid of unwanted water in their homes, consider Restoration Logistics to be the solution. For more information about their services or to get a free quote, visit them at http://restoration-logistics.com/.

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