Water Bottle With Fruit Infuser Now Bestselling Product from Ionox

Founded in 2008, leading lifestyle brand Ionox is now producing a fruit water bottle infuser that has become a bestseller for the company.

Founded in 2008, leading lifestyle brand Ionox is now producing a fruit water bottle infuser available at https://www.amazon.com/Infuser-Flip-top-BPA-Free-Multiple-Infused/dp/B00NAL3BP2 that has become a bestseller for the company. Currently the water bottle is available for purchase on Amazon.com. MSRP is $15.95 and the ergonomic design is available in five different colors that include: pink, purple, green, blue, and turquoise.

“We are amazed and pleased with customer response to this product,” states Ionox designer, Chloe Joy. “Our team worked long and hard to put together a product that is BPA-free, durable, functional, and that would help the public live a healthier lifestyle. Many Amazon customers have left high praise for the Ionox water bottle, and we are excited to share their words with you.”

One flight attendant loves her Ionox fruit water bottle infuser and says, “To better understand why I needed this water bottle, you should know that I am a flight attendant. Flying as much as I do, it’s super important to stay hydrated and if I’m being honest, I kind of suck at making sure I drink enough water throughout the day, especially when I’m flying. I ordered this water bottle because I LOVE fruit infused water and find I drink TONS of it when it’s available to me.”

While adults love this bottle, children are also getting in on it as well, and have been drinking more water when they can customize the taste. “I wish I could post you a picture, but my daughter has not let go of this bottle except to demand I wash it. So far she has infused grapes, strawberries, tea bags and blueberries,” comments one mother. “She, of course, is thrilled that it’s purple. I’m happy because she’s drinking more water. Her love of fruit is playing into my desire for her to maintain hydration.”

When purchasing the item, customers will receive a long and a short sleeve. This way the added flavor can be light or stronger depending on the tastes of the user. Customers have tried everything from oranges and grapes, to melons and even tea bags. There are so many possibilities to creating unique flavor combinations.

Read more or purchase the product today at Amazon.com.

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