Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser Helps Children Drink More Water, Say Parents

​Parents are leaving rave reviews for the fruit water bottle infuser on Amazon.

Parents are leaving rave reviews for the fruit water bottle infuser on Amazon, available at https://www.amazon.com/Infuser-Flip-top-BPA-Free-Multiple-Infused/dp/B00NAL3BP2. With the majority of reviews coming in at a full 5-stars, parents are stating their the bottle have allowed their children to lead healthier lifestyles.

“We are overjoyed that our infuser water bottle promotes a healthier lifestyle at all ages,” Chloe Joy, Ionox representative says. “When purchasing the ergonomic water bottle, customers will receive two sleeves. This allows consumers to add more or less depending on their needs for the day, or if they would like to add less or more flavor to their bottle. In addition, one sleeve can be refilled up to 3-4 times, while still retaining great taste.”

The Ionox bottle is now able in five colors. There is a pretty blue, lively green, sweet pink, luxe purple, and fun turquoise. Purchase multiple bottles if they are used a lot, or if there are many people in one household. For the ease and convenience of the buyer, the Ionox water bottles are dishwasher safe.

Not only is the design stylish, but it is also very functional. The curves and mold of the bottle are ergonomic so that a strong, but comfortable gift can be made. All materials used are BPA-free and FDA approved. There is also a locking lid so that no liquids will spill out if turned upside down, or if dropped to the floor.

One mother says on Amazon, “ really liked this water infuser bottle. It is the perfect size for me too. I think the fact that it has finger grips and a locking lid is a fantastic design idea, in addition to the water bottle being quite sturdy. The grips make the bottle easier and more comfortable to hold. I accidentally dropped this in the car the other day while handing it to my daughter in the back seat and was so thrilled to see that it didn’t leak at all because it was locked.”

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