Washington DC Virtual Oral And Maxillofacial Consultation Services Launched

Washington, DC, Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center recently launched a new virtual dentistry service that makes it easier for patients to access high-quality oral and maxillofacial advice without having to travel.

Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center, a professional oral surgery center in Washington, DC, announced the launch of an updated range of virtual oral surgery solutions. The center helps patients consult with a member of the team to address their concerns and direct them on oral care.

More information can be found at https://www.docvlee.com/virtual-dentistry

During the current pandemic, it can be anxiety-inducing going out in public, especially if one is a high risk individual. The newly launched virtual oral surgeon consultation solutions at Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center reduce the risk of infection and allow patients to meet with an experienced oral surgeon virtually, from the comfort of their own home.

Whether one is considered a high-risk patient or they would simply like to do their part by continuing to self-isolate, virtual oral care enables them to get their problem addressed without needing to leave the safety of their home.

The team at Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center provide the option of virtual oral surgery consultations. This makes it easy for patients to discuss their dental problem or explore treatment options without needing to travel to the oral surgery center.

The center offers virtual consultation for a wide range of oral and maxillofacial issues, including oral pain or discomfort, treatment check-ups, smile correction consultations, and many more.

For patients experiencing dental pain or concerns, this process can also save them hours in the waiting room. By choosing to get the answers they need virtually from a highly-qualified oral surgeon at Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center, patients can spend less time painfully waiting in traffic.

With the recent announcement, the team at Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center are committed to providing their patients with trustworthy, high-quality dental care amidst the global health crisis.

A spokesperson for the center said: “Whether you have any impacted wisdom teeth, facial trauma, TMJ disorder, or any teeth that need to be replaced, we can assist to help answer questions and guide you toward the best treatment options. Plus, you get to skip requesting time off work, sitting in a waiting room, and wasting hours of your day!”

Interested parties can find more by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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