Washington DC Termite Treatment Residential Pest Control Company Launch Service

Subterranean termite treatment specialists MTB Pest Control announced the launch of a specialized treatment plan for subterranean termites. The family-owned company's termite treatment and other 24-hour routine and emergency pest control services are extended to the greater DC region, Virginia, and Maryland even on holidays.

Washington DC residential pest control company MTB Pest Control announced the launch of its subterranean termite treatment services. The treatment forms part of the company’s suite of pest control services that are available to customers seven days a week and 365 days a year.

More information about MTB Pest Control is available at the company’s website, http://mtbpestcontrol.net

Subterranean termites represent one of the three classes of termites – drywood and dampwood termites being the other classes of creatures that attack residential and commercial buildings. Subterranean termite species usually come from large, organized colonies below the surface. These termites are significantly smaller than their drywood and dampwood cousins, and in some cases, harder to detect. Specific species of subterranean termite such as Heterotermes aureus are attracted to lights that draw them to human habitation.

Moisture is the primary factor that attracts subterranean termites. One of the telltale signs of a termite infestation is their swarming behavior preceding or following light rain. Termite colonies are usually located below the frost line and access wooden structures through clay shelter tubes that run across concrete, where they become visible.

As subterranean termite treatment specialists, MTB Pest Control focuses on eco-friendly treatments that eradicate these harmful creatures that can cause millions of dollars in property damage, even resulting in the partial or complete destruction of the property. In most cases, colonies of subterranean termites build several nests around a structure in the presence of favorable feeding conditions.

According to a spokesperson for MTB Pest Control, “Our expertise in pest control, specifically subterranean termites uses as non-invasive a process as possible, helping our customers avoid unnecessary damage to their property. Our efficient and effective regimen of inspection, detection, treatment, and follow-up are vital to a termite-free structure.”

Headquartered in District Heights, Maryland, MTB Pest Control offers its services in Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, and the surrounding areas. As a full-service and emergency pest control services provider, the company’s services are available 24 hours a day, at nighttime and on holidays.

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