Washington DC Lawyer Wellness Community And Free Online Course Launched

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Michelle Niemeyer Wellness Inc. has launched the Lawyers Thrive Membership Community, including a new, online course and health resources for lawyers and law firms in Washington, DC and elsewhere.

Michelle Niemeyer Wellness Inc., an attorney and certified health coach, has launched the new Lawyers Thrive Wellness Community, including a free 5 day online course, that offers holistic support for lawyers and law firms.

More information is available at www.lawyersthrive.com

The newly launched community and online courses by Michelle Niemeyer Wellness offer lawyers and law firms in the Washington area and elsewhere, industry-proven tools designed to support happiness, productivity, and a healthy, professional culture in the workplace, facilitating positive change. Specifically, the newly available wellness course showcases transformational video resource sessions, webinars, online feedback surveys, and exclusive members training.

By teaching lawyers to maximize seven key aspects of their lives, the Lawyers Thrive Wellness Community can create supportive networks of like-minded lawyers and adopt healthy working practices. The program aims to address a holistic range of issues that can impact happiness and performance, with the goal of avoiding or resolving burnout and helping lawyers to thrive personally and at work.

The community and online course is designed to provide multi-faceted growth opportunities on both personal and professional levels. Addressing both physical and emotional wellbeing, the tailor-made training holistically supports the challenging day to day work life of busy lawyers. In addition to being a wellness educator and consultant Michelle Niemeyer is a certified integrative nutrition health coach, an expert keynote speaker, and a practicing attorney, with close to 30 years experience.

The online resources and tools offered by Michelle Niemeyer Wellness are available to individual lawyers and law firms of any size, encouraging mental and physical wellness to support employee health and job satisfaction.

Michelle indicates that encouraging lawyers to thrive enables entire firms to perform at their best. In addition to their newly launched course, Michelle Niemeyer Wellness offers 12 week coaching programs, designed to help lawyers thrive personally and professionally, even from a remote environment.

All of their comprehensive programs come with access to their members only premium resources and the exclusive Lawyers Thrive Membership Community. Moreover, the Lawyers Thrive community membership can be extended after the course has finished to continue to learn and grow over time.

More information is available at the URL above, or by calling +1-305-720-1562.

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