Washable, 4-Layer BreatheEasierMask™ Launched – For Sensitive, Acne-Prone Skin

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Homy Farmy has launched a range of elegantly designed, washable, highly breathable mask on its online store with 95% BFE(bacterial filteration efficiency) and 4 layers of protection. The double-filter design uses soft, naturally anti-bacterial fabric which improves breathability while also protecting the skin from breakouts.

A key advantage of BreatheEasierMask is that it prevents skin breakouts. The lab-tested product is certified antibacterial, has 4-layer of fabric protection, including double filters and has a 95% BFE (Bacterial Filteration Efficiency). Its Collagen-Infused BreatheEasierMask achieved the Oeko-Tex standard 100 (which certify that no harmful substances are used in the production)

For more information, please visit: https://homyfarmy.com/breatheeasiermask

BreatheEasierMask is ideally suited for those with sensitive skin because of the Silvadur treated inner fabric. Silvadur is an antimicrobial technology that releases silver ions in the presence of microbes on fabric surfaces.

One of the features that makes the mask more comfortable to wear for extended periods is the bamboo material inner fabric. It is naturally anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, and helps to protect the skin while the mask is in use. It also has a SPF50 UV Protection.

Customers can choose from a range of designs when browsing the newly available mask range. These include the Classic Masks: black with inner grey, black with a pink orchard motif, the Collagen-infused black satin (also available in white) and the Swarovski Mask with 100% genuine swarovski crystals embellishment (in both black and white)

Other options include the classic XL-size black mask for those with a wider facial circumference or who need additional coverage.

With masks now commonplace around the country, BreatheEasierMask provide 4 layer protection from harmful bacteria and viruses and are also highly breathable, comfortable with skincare benefits. Thanks in part to the anti-bacterial fabric and world reknowned textile processing technology used to produce them. The four layers for the Classic BreatheEasierMask include an dry-wicking polyester outer layer, first hydrophobic filter, a second filter, and antibacterial soft bamboo inner fabric.The four layers for the Collagen-Infused BreatheEasierMask include a rayon collagen inner fabric, double filters and moisture repellent polyester satin outer layer.

Customers who experience difficulty breathing when wearing standard masks are encouraged to get the BreatheEasierMask. It is elegantly designed and is suitable for any event, from formal occasions, travelling through to everyday affairs like going to work or shopping.

Traditional and more standard cloth mask use untreated fabrics which allow acne-causing bacteria and microbes to build up that cannot be removed easily from traditional laundering methods,

The versatile design meets all health authority standards, while also implementing additional features for extra functionality and comfort.

A spokesperson for the company states: “With the current Omicron variant, you need a mask that has more than two layers of protection. Our BreatheEasierMask has four layers of protection with double filters and is certified anti-bacterial inner layer with a dry wicking, outer layer that repels moisture and helps protect you from droplets.Plus it also has a SPF50 UV Protection”

Those wishing to find out more can visit: https://homyfarmy.com/breatheeasiermask

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