Wall NJ Knee Pain Arthritis Treatment Increased Mobility Services Launched

Jersey Arthritis & Knee Pain Center updated its range of viscosupplementation treatment solutions for patients in New Jersey. The medical practice provides relief for patients struggling with knee pain and arthritis.

Jersey Arthritis & Knee Pain Center, a medical practice in Wall, New Jersey, announced the launch of an updated range of treatment solutions for patients struggling with knee pain, arthritis, and other joint pain. The medical center utilizes the state of the art medical equipment such as fluoroscopy and ultrasound to provide immediate pain relief.

More information can be found at https://www.njkneearthritis.com

Arthritis of the knee is one of the leading causes of disability in the United States. The newly launched joint pain treatment solutions at Jersey Arthritis & Knee Pain Center help alleviate knee pain and aid in healing.

Knee discomfort and pain can have a major impact on one’s everyday life. Left untreated, most arthritis patients will experience sufficient progression to undergo a knee replacement.

Fortunately, viscosupplementation is one of the most promising non-surgical options for the treatment of knee pain. Viscosupplementation is highly effective at significantly reducing pain or improving function, with patients reporting pain relief sometimes immediately after procedure.

The dedicated medical team at Jersey Arthritis & Knee Pain Center provide comprehensive viscosupplementation treatment plans for their patients. Their services support healing and repair for a number of knee pain conditions, including arthritis and osteoarthritis, pain from past injury, and more.

Patients who benefit from this treatment can utilize viscosupplementation every six months. Ongoing treatments at Jersey Arthritis & Knee Pain Center will reduce pain, increase mobility and delay the progression of damage from arthritis.

Many people want to continue to be active and be independent, and that is why so many people choose a less invasive route with chronic knee pain due to osteoarthritis. Since originally viscosupplements were derived from the rooster comb, lots of patients refer to this treatment as the chicken soup injection. However, since they were first introduced in 1997 there are more than 8 FDA approved viscosupplements on the market today.

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