WalkFit Platinum Orthotics Review and Bonus Package Released by CouponGum.com

The makers of WalkFit Orthotics in collaboration with CouponGum.com are now offering promotional bonuses. The buyers will receive several bonus products from the popular arch support insert company and an exclusive bonus package from CouponGum at no extra cost.

WalkFit Platinum Shoe Inserts Review and Bonus Package launched: January 28, 2015.

This year marks the third year anniversary of WalkFit Platinum Insoles. Here is a good news for people who are considering to purchase the popular shoe insert. Buyers will get several bonuses from WalkFit at no additional cost.

CouponGum announced today that they have published their latest consumer friendly review at how the arch support shoe inserts work and why it has become so popular up to this time. Helpful reviews and customerfeed back relating to WalkFit Orthotics can be viewed here:  


To coincide with their 3rd year anniversary the marketing team of WalkFit has offered the following bonuses to those who will purchase during this period:

·       Free Sandal adapter
·       Soothing peppermint lotion
·       Accupressure massage inserts
·       Lifetime replacement warranty
·       Free Trial bottle of Joint Support Formula
·       Memory Foam Comfort Slippers
·       And 3-sets of Walk Fit Platinum Inserts

In an effort to further provide additional value a spokesman for Coupon Gum stated that they would also be providing an exclusive bonus package for those who buy WalkFit Platinum shoe inserts, details of which can also be found at the website address mentioned above.

This foot arch support has continued to offer more than 5 million people relief from chronic foot ache and backaches. According to an independent clinical study, 90% of WalkFit Platinum customers got relief from foot pain. WalkFit Platinum now has improved design with their new heel cushioning gel pad which provides extract shock absorption and comfort. No other custom foot orthotics offers this kind of comfort feature.

Douglas, a police officer from California is a satisfied customer and he only has this to say, “Being a police officer,and being on my feet all day, I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have these WalkFit Platinum insoles in my shoes. I just wish I had gotten them sooner.”

More and more medical professionals like Dr. Allen Selner, doctor of Podiatric Medicine, are recommending WalkFit Platinum citing several health benefits the low to high arch support inserts provide such as alignment of the back and shoulders, gradually reduce stress on knee joints, relieves lower back pain, and balances hips for easier movement.

Frances. from Mancos, Collorado says, “I am a registered nurse who has been working since 1969. I do 12-hour shifts. Thank you! My feet are HAPPY! These are great!”

The detailed review released by CouponGum gives an objective analysis of how well WalkFit Platinum orthotic arch supports deliver in the promise to relieve foot pain almost instantly and some valuable insights into whether it might be a good purchase at the current price.

As of today, people can take advantage of the offer and exclusive bonus package offered by WalkFit and CouponGum to see how fast they can benefit from the popular shoe Insoles. For more details on WalkFit visit: http://walkfit.coupongum.com/walkfitplatinum/

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