VyTrac is Humanizing Patient Experience through Remote Interactive Technology

VyTrac Health, Inc. announced the availability of their new Remote Patient Monitoring Service. More information can be found at https://vytrac.com/.

Health Providers looking for the latest Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) service will soon be able to get involved with VyTrac. Today Zachary Fink, CEO at VyTrac Health, Inc. releases details of the new Remote Patient Monitoring Service’s development.

The Remote Patient Monitoring Service is designed to appeal specifically to Doctors/Health Systems/Wellness/Health Insurance/Universities and includes:

Vital signs monitoring – This feature was included because Medicare has release reimbursable codes for those providers participating . This is great news for the consumer as it increases health oversight and improves health outcomes.

Chronic Care Management – This was made part of the service, since it helps physicians reduce readmissions and better manage their chronic conditions . Providers who invest in the service should enjoy this feature because it improves patient satisfaction by encouraging patients to be proactive in their health.

Disease Specific Care Pathways – VyTrac made sure to make this part of the Remote Patient Monitoring Service’s development as customizable to any chronic condition requiring monitoring of vital signs. Providers of the Remote Patient Monitoring service will likely appreciate this because of increased patient engagement through daily and weekly check-ins, chat rooms, telehealth capabilities, disease-specific questionnaires, education and more!

Zachary Fink, when asked about the Remote Patient Monitoring Service said:

“VyTrac is Humanizing the Patient Experience through Cutting Edge, Interactive Technology. We are proud to be the first URAC Accredited Remote Patient Monitoring program in the United States.”

This is the latest offering from VyTrac Health, Inc. and Zachary Fink is particularly excited about this launch because VyTrac is dynamically changing the manner in which physicians provide care to their patients. We have been working on this solution since the end of 2019 and finally all the pieces are in place. Throughout the pandemic, VyTrac has fulfilled the need of physicians to provide care remotely to their patients and improve care.

Those interested in learning more about VyTrac Health, Inc and their Remote Patient Monitoring Service scan do so on the website at https://vytrac.com/

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