VX Global Inc. announces a Global Capital Markets Platform

VX Global Inc. announced the availability of its new Capital Markets Platform beginning March 24, 2021. More information can be found at http://www.vxglobal.com

Jonathan Pappie, President and CEO of VX Global Inc., announced the launch of its Global Capital Markets Platform as of March 24th, 2021. The platform allows clients to organize financial requests and be directed to the correct sources of capital through a unique process utilizing technology, human capital, and AI. The company also offers direct interface ability be clients directly to investors for elevated offerings. The VX platform does not engage Crowd Funding or accept Rule CF offerings. The company instead focuses on Reg D Rule C offerings and higher-level debt by well-prepared companies. VX believes that this will assist the due diligence and presentation needs of the capital markets.

“Our process is unique in that it is centralizing information for investors and finance personnel by asking the most important questions so they can take a deeper dive into due diligence and analysis with confidence. We consider ourselves a sophisticated Rule C version of the more liberal Crowdfunding platforms.” Said Jonathan Pappie, CEO. “By using elevation techniques and educating offeree’s we are serving both sides by taking away much of the guesswork and empowering each side with decision making knowledge. We also provide such a wide marketplace of sources that a fit for multiple types of requests pending stage, industry, and development are available.”

To date, the company currently carries over 75,000 resources of capital from individual accredited investors to Angel Groups, VCs, Family Offices, Trusts, Hedge funds, Alternative Financing, Real Estate Investors, and traditional sources such as Banks.

The Platform utilizes 4 industry engines, internal knowledge, and secondary market data. Currently, the firm is over 5 times the national average on funding, interest on offers, assisted funding, or in preparation that led to funding. While the firm acknowledges that not every deal achieves success, they have a strong commitment to beating the national averages by a remarkable percentage. VX will also be implementing a hatchery system so companies can obtain both alliance and financial resources to grow through the system for every advisory and financial need as they mature and develop.

To learn more please visit us at http://www.vxglobal.com

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