Vulnerability and Penetration Testing Services Assist Companies Improve Security

Rootshell Security talk about the launch of their latest cyber security service where they offer vulnerability and penetration testing services to businesses seeking to improve their security.

Vulnerability and penetration testing services experts Rootshell Security today spoke to us about the launch of their new service, what it could mean for businesses seeking penetration testing, and how it could benefit them.

So to the less technically gifted of us, what are vulnerability and penetration testing services? Well, essentially they are two different types of cyber security assessment, the results of which can differ based on depth, scope, and breadth.

Each assessment serves a different purpose in the path of helping organizations understand their current security measures and help them achieve their full security goals. Vulnerability and penetration testing can benefit organizations massively and can work well in giving companies the advantage over attackers.

Vulnerability scanning is an automated service that uses software to analyze networks for specific security vulnerabilities, constantly scanning for issues to help identify and eliminate threats on an ongoing basis.

Whereas penetration testing combines both automated and manual processes in order to assess the networks, systems, and other applications within an organization to ensure there are no security flaws. This is also known as ‘ethical hacking’, where a pen tester will attempt to exploit vulnerabilities using the same methods and tools that a real-world threat would use to determine whether an attacker could exploit a vulnerability.

Penetration tests are project-based and focus on a specific area of an organization’s digital infrastructure. For example, an organization could conduct penetration testing cloud services or web application penetration testing services.

Vulnerability scanning provides organizations with a way of continuously surveying for security issues. This gives year-round visibility of issues as they arise, which plays a crucial role in maintaining security in between project-based testing.

Penetration tests are most beneficial when an organization requires an in-depth assessment of how resilient its systems are to an attack. Pen tests provide actionable results and remediation advice to help organizations reduce risk.

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