VR General Practitioners Head To The Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

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New trend towards VR General Practitioners moving out of rural and outback areas to DWS locations near Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Caboolture Super Clinic has positions available for full and part time VR GPs.

A modern, purpose-built GP Medical Centre in Caboolture is attracting greater numbers of doctors who would previously have become clinic owners in regional areas. GPs are now more frequently deciding to focus on their medicine, rather than entering the world of business and management that is needed to buy or begin their own practices. The benefit to the VR GPs, usually the most experienced doctors, is that all of the administration and day-to-day running of clinics is completed by professional managers. The GPs then get to focus on their practice, and simply take a share of the revenue.

One example where this is working well for GPs is the Caboolture Super Clinic, which is located perfectly in the middle between the very attractive Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. Designed and built through the GP Super Clinics Program, this clinic is considered to be one of the leading practices in the region.

The architect-designed building delivers General Practice, Acute Care and Pathology services to an ever increasing flow of patients from the surrounding area, who are attracted to the quality of the health care. The high patient flow means that GPs have the ability to enjoy their practice – working full or part time – and not be drawn into the operational side of managing a very busy clinic.

Marketing Manager of the Caboolture Super Clinic, James Hooper, said “Larger number of Vocationally Registered (VR) GPs are moving to this particular clinic because of the both the wonderful location, and because it is located in a District of Workforce Shortage (DWS).”

“The location is wonderful because being located between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast – GPs can live in either place – and can enjoy the lifestyle fully. The added benefit of being listed in a DWS location is that this makes it extremely attractive for Doctors who have emigrated from UK and Ireland. These GPs benefit from working in DWS zones – most of which are away from the coast and major cities.”

“There has also been an increase in interest from GPs from New Zealand who are also drawn to the lifestyle that large clinics like Caboolture Superclinic can offer. The large volume of patients means that GPs can work for a session and have little time in the session without patients. When you add in the extra support provided by our administration and nursing staff – the role of GP becomes simpler and more enjoyable.”

“There are a lot of benefits and wonderful experience that VR GPs can gain from working in rural and outback clinics. It is superb training, and most truly enjoy the challenge. Some find the location difficult after a while, or want to move to an area with a range of great schools for their children, or simply want to focus on their own special interests. These doctors are looking for DWS locations where there is plenty of medical need as well as closer access to the benefits of the coast and capital cities.”

Positions are currently available for qualified VR GPs from all areas. Please visit VR GP Positions in DWS Location for more information.

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