VoxxLife Releases Drug-Free Wellness Resources For Healthcare Workers

VoxxLife has released a library of wellness resources for healthcare professionals. The resources include webinars and case studies on VoxxLife’s sleeves, socks, patches, and insoles.

VoxxLife, a healthcare technology company, has launched a library of resources on VoxxLife technology for healthcare professionals. The company’s founder was inspired to develop noninvasive treatment options for multiple sclerosis after his mother was diagnosed with the condition.

More information is available at https://voxxlife.com/for-healthcare-professionals/resources/videos-webinars

The launch of the resources aims to inform healthcare professionals of the science behind the company’s proprietary human performance technology and its treatment indications.

VoxxLife produces socks, patches, insoles, and sleeves containing tactile patterns that interact with the skin’s somatosensory and proprioception receptors. These receptors send signals to the central nervous system, resulting in changes to brain wave patterns that impact pain and fatigue. This technology can be used to manage pain, improve balance and mobility, and reduce fatigue. Thus, VoxxLife products represent a convenient, noninvasive treatment option for a variety of conditions.

They developed their resource library to help clinicians address their patients’ needs with human performance technology.

The company’s human performance technology is evidence-based. The online resource library includes links to clinical studies that demonstrate the efficacy of the company’s socks, patches, insoles, and sleeves. The site also includes links to existing research that VoxxLife used to guide the development of their products.

Visitors to the company’s site can also access patient and practitioner testimonials describing the benefits of the noninvasive treatment options. Further, the library contains practitioner-led webinars detailing the treatment applications of VoxxLife products. The topics covered include reducing fall risks in elderly patients, improving immune response, and aiding in post-surgery recovery.

Healthcare professionals can also sign up to become a registered VoxxLife practitioner. Registered practitioners get access to preferred pricing and the company’s private practitioner community, which includes exclusive resources and networking opportunities.

The company’s support staff is available to answer practitioner questions about products and their applications upon request.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Wellness belongs to everyone, plain and simple. That means providing drug-free, noninvasive solutions that offer the same physical benefits as more traditional, OTC alternatives without all the side effects.”

Interested parties can learn more at https://voxxlife.com/for-healthcare-professionals/resources/videos-webinars

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