Klik Solutions and Healthcare Experts Reveal strategies to stay HIPAA Compliant

Klik Systems and Medical Business Partners have created a new risk assessment software for medical practices. The system determines HIPAA healthcare compliance.

2020 was an interesting year, especially for healthcare providers. Challenges posed by Covid-19 overburdened providers big and small, particularly in the area of IT, as practices and organizations scrambled to provide telehealth services to patients and balance their own work-from-home protocols. Stretched-thin IT resources lead to some of the biggest data breaches in the past 10 years, including ransomware, malware, and phishing attacks, as well as data leaks from insecure systems, compromising tens of millions of patients’ protected medical data.

Simply trusting in the security of your healthcare IT solutions isn’t enough (and far too often, they’re not even HIPAA compliant!). Cybersecurity is a battlefield, and providers need to ensure they’re well-armed, informed, and defended for the inevitable incoming assaults on their systems and patients’ information. And it goes way, way beyond just making sure your antivirus programs are regularly updated.

Klik Solutions has partnered with a medical consulting firm, Medical Business Partners, to develop a risk assessment program designed to uncover hidden cybersecurity and operational flaws in healthcare organizations.

Our program starts with Klik IT team’s thorough assessment of your IT infrastructure, software, and vulnerabilities. This is a crucial first step as it is imperative to identify any internal or existing threats that may be present, and can provide a robust diagnosis of your organization’s cybersecurity maturity (or lack thereof). This assessment works to identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your network, its devices, and other components. Our IT Experts can then provide the recommendations and support required to mitigate the threat or resolve the issue. You can request an assessment from Klik here: http://bit.ly/healthcareitcompliance

Following your IT assessment, our cohort Medical Business Partners begins a comprehensive assessment of your coding, provider credentialing, HIPAA and compliance review, office protocol, and workflow.

Together, Klik Solutions and Medical Business Partners can set your organization up for continued- and secure- success. Whether or not you choose to engage Klik Solutions or Medical Business Partners on an ongoing basis, a thorough risk assessment can help you set a benchmark for your current situation, uncover areas of vulnerabilities, and give you a clear perspective of what you need to do to protect your organization from compliance breaches and cyber-attacks.

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