Voxx HPT Pain Management Patch – Non-Invasive Homeostasis Video Report Launched

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A leading pain management solution company in Ontario, Canada, VoxxLife releases a new report on how its Voxx HPT non-invasive patches safely and effectively improve wellness and alleviate pain.

VoxxLife, a non-invasive health solutions company in Ontario, Canada, released a new report detailing the effectiveness of its product, the Voxx Harmony NeuroPatch. Jay Dhaliwal, the founder and CEO of VoxxLife, teamed up with Dr. Mark Debrincat, Ph.D., to explain how the product effectively manages pain and improves wellness in patients in only a few hours.

More details can be found at https://voxxlife.com/jay-dhaliwal-the-power-of-the-hpt-patch

The newly released report supports several other medical studies that have found the Harmony NeuroPatch to be safe and effective for pain management. The patch uses patented technology to help people improve their wellness by reducing chronic pain. Since its release in 2016, VoxxLife has helped more than six million people improve their quality of life.

VoxxLife was first conceptualized by Dhaliwal when his mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1983. From that moment on, he strove to find an effective, non-invasive treatment that improves wellness and reduces pain. He then assembled a medical team to create the innovative Human Performance Technology, or HPT, to offer the same benefits as over-the-counter drugs without the chemical side effects.

The HPT is a pattern that is specially woven into all of the wellness and performance products of VoxxLife, from socks to patches to insoles. The technology triggers a neural response in the brain that manages pain and improves mobility and balance, making them recommended for high-performance athletes, those suffering from a chronic illness, or anyone dealing with poor posture.

To ensure that the technology maintains its effectiveness, VoxxLife regularly has its products tested by third-party labs and independent studies. The company’s HPT consistently performs well across all studies, with one study finding that it is 94% effective in managing pain for those suffering from a chronic illness.

With the new report, Dhaliwal further strengthens his mission to offer safe, OTC alternatives for pain management.

Dhaliwal states in the report, “Just to clarify, there’s nothing in the world that has this output, at this rate of speed, without drugs, without chemicals, without electricity. That’s the power of Voxx HPT.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://voxxlife.com

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