Voorhees NJ Mortgage Broker 5-Star Loan Officer Lending Service Area Expands

Licensed NJ Mortgage Broker Mike McKeown (609-354-5771) has expanded his mortgage lending and refinancing service area to property buyers and homeowners in Pennsylvania and Florida.

New Jersey-based Senior Loan Officer Mike McKeown is now offering his services to potential homebuyers in both Pennsylvania and Florida. Mike brings years of experience with the Allied Mortgage group to help clients find the best mortgage rate they can get.

For more information, visit https://g.page/alliedmortgagemike

The rise of remote work is changing the face of the American housing market as people across the country pack up their lives in search of a home that better suits their new reality. By expanding his service area to these states, Mike brings his expertise to protect more buyers from being exploited by lenders taking advantage of this new trend.

In 2021, Florida welcomed over two hundred thousand new residents from other states alone, making it a top destination for migration from within the United States. After mortgage rates reached an all-time low in 2021, buyers nationwide were finding their dream homes. Nonetheless, analysts predict this honeymoon period will soon come to an end, as interest rates are set to rise once more in 2022.

Experience is invaluable in today’s tumultuous real estate market. With hundreds of satisfied clients served, Mike McKeown is a tenured expert at helping buyers navigate the process of purchasing a home. Prospective buyers can book a consultation with Mike to find the best rate for their individual circumstances in the shortest possible time.

Buying a home is often a confusing process, and Mike is on call every step of the way to answer any questions buyers might have about their options. He also offers consultations for those looking to refinance an existing mortgage to find a better deal.

Mike is partnered with the Allied Mortgage group, a Philadelphia-based full-service lender in operation since 1993. See his webpage: https://mikealliedmortgage.business.site

Mike has said: “Your purchase or refinance is more than just a single transaction; to me, it represents an opportunity to provide a superior level of service and personalized care that makes you comfortable with the idea of referring your friends and family.”

To consult with Mike McKeown, visit https://mikemckeown.alliedmg.com

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