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uThetha Telecoms has defied convention in the PABX systems market with the release of NEC. Further information can be found at www.uthetha.co.za and http://www.uthetha.co.za/nec/

uThetha Telecoms today reflected on its release of a full range of solutions that can meet all their clients Telecommunications needs. The main aim was always to be Best on the Market and by defying convention, their PABX systems with support for IP, analogue and digital technology did so, with a difference.

Riaan Venter, CEO at uThetha Telecoms, says: “They wanted to try something new with all their products. Anyone familiar with the PABX systems market will probably have noticed how everyone else always seemed to Charge their customers excessive amount for no good reason. They felt this was a problem because People dont deserve to pay more than they have to.”

So as a welcome breath of fresh air, they instead pass the saving on to their customer. uThetha Telecoms chose to make this move because they are an ethical company , something they believe the world needs more of.

Riaan Venter also said “They want to give our customers a chance to have more fun with the people they care about. With their products, they have a fresh new possibility. They want them to feel like they want to come back again and again when using our products. Trying something new is always a risk, but it’s a risk we believe is worth taking.”

uThetha Telecoms has been in business since 2006, being established in February 2006. uThetha Telecoms was started in 2006 by Riaan Venter and Etienne Tredoux. Both came from the IT Industry and saw an opportunity to inject IT skills into the Telecommunications industry. Today uThetha Telecoms is a high-tech business telecoms solutions and equipment provider. Their sales office is in Cape Town and they provide services throughout South Africa and as far afield as New York, London and Buenos Aires. They provide telecommunications consulting, call savings, solutions, products and services to small, medium and corporate organizations..

This isn’t the first time uThetha Telecoms has defied convention either, they caused a stir when they released 100 balloons following a successful launch.

All Their products are now available at Cape Town South Africa. To find out more, it’s possible to visit – http://www.uthetha.co.za

For further information about uThetha Telecoms, all this can be discovered at www.uthetha.co.za

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