Vivid Labs Announces New 1,894% ROI Case Study On Rapid Testing Of Facebook Ads

Vivid Labs' new case study shows how they used intelligent marketing split tests on Facebook Ads to generate an 814% increase in sales with 1,894% ROI for a building safety manufacturer.

Vivid Labs revealed their new case study today on a 4-Figure ROI Split Test Using Facebook Ads. This case study demonstrates how $972,816 in sales was generated (an 814% increase in digital marketing revenue) for a safety equipment manufacturer using a split-testing approach to Facebook Ads combined with the manufacturer’s existing e-commerce website.

The case study also made it obvious that their split-testing approach to campaign management was behind the 1,894% ROI that was seen as a result of their client’s campaign. High ROI in PPC-driven ad campaigns can be sustained over a long period, so long as there is a watchful eye on split test variants and performance. In this case, the campaign timeframe was a minimum of 10 months, over which period an extremely high return on investment was seen and sustained as a result of Vivid Labs’ testing procedures.

Vivid Labs owner Dan Russell says “there are a huge number of businesses who feel limited and lost by the complexity of their marketing campaigns. Rapid split testing on all fronts is the key to sustained improvement and success.” This case study effectively reveals what’s possible with the right systems, information, and guidance around optimizing the conversion rate of a company’s sales funnel. Vivid Labs uses a signature split testing approach to get quick and early insights into the campaigns they manage. This is what lies behind the kind of results in this case study.

The case study is available at

About Vivid Labs

Vivid Labs was founded in 2013 and serves marketing executives and entrepreneurs. It is known for its aggressive split-testing management approach to ad campaigns and sales funnels. The goal at Vivid labs is to improve the financial performance of their clients’ marketing performance through a scientific approach to how marketing works, both psychologically as well as financially.

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