Vitchelo Camping Combo Flashlight Hanging Hurricane Lantern Light Launched

Vitchelo has launched a new combo camping flashlight and emergency light on Amazon, allowing outdoor lovers peace of mind for their trips. It has over 18 hours of battery life, and can enhance vision up to 200 meters.

A new combo camping light has been launched on Amazon, allowing outdoor lovers to experience the wild safe in the knowledge that they’ve got a powerful and safe flashlight that can act as a hurricane lamp in the event of darkness or an emergency. Called the Ultra Bright Rechargeable Camping Hanging LED Lantern Flashlight, it works in a number of ways to offer campers a multi-faceted tool for their adventures.

More information can be found on the Amazon page listing at:

The Amazon page explains that the VITCHELO® light contains an ultra bright 360 degree light with a full brightness of 240 lumens. The flashlight lets the user see at distance of up to 200 meters, and is fully rechargeable with built in lithium batteries that can work for up to 18 hours at a time,

The VITCHELO® camping lantern can also be used to charge an iPhone, iPad, Samsung or other device that is powered by a USB port, allowing outdoor lovers to use their devices longer while they’re away from home, providing peace of mind for loved ones.

The design is lightweight and compact, constructed using military grade material that assures long term durability. Because of this, the site explains that it is water resistant and shock resistant, as well as being collapsible, so when it’s not in use, the owner can collapse the lantern to make it a smaller size.

As a multi-purpose lantern and flashlight, it can be hung from trees to create large open areas of light for games and activities, such as reading and cooking, or for use as a hurricane lantern or emergency light kit. It can also be used as a portable flashlight, for servicing cars in the dark, and simpler tasks like reading at night, when the user may not want a full light on.

Full product details can be found on the Amazon page listing, where specifications and images are provided, so interested parties can find out more.

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