Vitamin C Overall Wellness Natural Immune System Enhancement Product Launched

A new vitamin C product has been launched for optimal efficiency and improving overall wellness. It uses a unique blend of natural ingredients and offers 6,460mg per 100g.

A new herbal vitamin C product has been launched in a 300g size to help customers enhance their immune system and improve overall wellness. It is designed to be better tasting and more powerful than older sized jars and is created from a blend of healthy ingredients with absolutely NO preservatives, additives, fillers but purely dried fruits

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The unique mixture features 6,460mg per 100g, which is more than double the highest plant source. This is achievable because of an alchemy that happens when correctly combining the ingredients.

Ingredients include Gubinge, Pine Needle, Acerola Berry, and Indian Gooseberry among others. Gubinge is the highest source of vitamin C in the world, and is found in the top wild lands of Northern Australia.

Pine needles can be harvested for pycnogenol, a highly active bioflavonoid that doubles blood vessel strength, improves joint flexibility and slows the aging process. Meanwhile, Acerola Berry is one of the most reliable and extremely concentrated natural sources of vitamin C available.

Because plants work synergistically, the final concoction behaves differently to each plant or ingredient taken in isolation. Because of the combination of Rosehip, Acerola, Guava, Orange, Kiwi and other ingredients, there is 1000mg of vitamin C in one tablespoon.

Research shows that vitamin C is one of the most effective nutrients, its benefits include protecting the immune system’s deficiencies, warding off cardiovascular disease, fighting illnesses and much more.

Studies are conducted on vitamin C regularly and data suggests that it could help to reduce the risk of chronic disease and has also been linked to managing high blood pressure.

One of the primary reasons customers take regular vitamin C is that it helps to boost immunity. Vitamin C is involved in many parts of the immune system, and it can help to encourage the production of white blood cells.

A recent customer said: “Markus products are truly the best in the world. I am highly sensitive to absolutely everything. I take the wild force green formula and vitamin C and protein together with coconut water and blueberries, tastes amazing!”

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