Visual 2000 Announces Sponsorship of PI Apparel 2016 in New York City

Visual 2000 will be sponsoring and attending PI Apparel 2016, a conference where AFA industry professionals discuss upcoming trends and developments.

Visual 2000 International, provider of end-to-end omni-channel business solutions for the AFA industry, announces its sponsorship of the Product Innovation Congress in New York City. The event, which takes place from June 27th to 28th, is a gathering of AFA professionals to discuss and promote innovation using modern technologies, such as 3D printing, virtual reality and sustainability.

“PI congress is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to discover and share new industry developments among other fashion-focused companies,” said VP of Research & Development Charles Benoualid. “As a supplier of apparel specific software, we are excited to showcase the new features in our own software suite and discover how companies are using PLM and other software suites to innovate their business processes.”

The scheduled talks will address a broad range of topics that will touch upon all aspects of the apparel industry. A key area of discussion will be the impact of 3D technology. Specifically, discussions will be centered around how 3D technology may be used for the production and visualization of new items within PLM. More broadly, the event also aims to explore how users collaborate within PLM, a domain where has excelled for years.

As PLM-related presentations will be occupying a large portion of the agenda, Visual 2000 will also be taking special care in providing live demonstrations of their PLM and End2End™ solutions. Delegates are encouraged to schedule one-on-one demonstrations to see first hand how Visual 2000’s own solutions are leading innovation.

“Visitors are always amazed at how tailored our software is to the apparel and fashion accessory business,” Benoualid shared. “They immediately see how they can apply it to their own business needs and processes.”

Attendees can learn more and tour Visual 2000 software by visiting their booth throughout the duration of the conference.

About Visual 2000 International Visual 2000 provides End2End software for apparel, footwear and fashion accessory companies. More than 500 companies around the world take advantage of Visual 2000′s End2End advanced ERP, PLM, supply chain management, warehouse optimization and business intelligence software. For more information, please visit

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