Vista Heights Alberta Car/Truck Out Of Province Inspection Service Launched

Cetus Automotive Repair Centre (403-235-2912), located in Vista Heights of Calgary, province of Alberta, Canada, announces the update of its services to include out-of-province inspections for cars and trucks. All vehicles entering the province will benefit from the shop’s efficient work.

Cetus Auto’s latest announcement comes at an auspicious time with the holidays just around the corner. More autos will be taking to the roads, and there is never a better moment to make sure all is in tip-top condition.

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By offering this newly updated service, the auto shop continues to provide excellent service to all its customers. A complete and detailed car check-up helps to pass inspection and be allowed to circulate in the Alberta province.

Recent data stats show there are over 3.5 million registered cars in the province of Alberta. With the recent pandemic safety measures relaxing and the borders slowly opening, there are sure to be many more entering and needing to be inspected.

Car and truck inspections are mandatory in Alberta, these are required to validate that the vehicle is working properly and safe to be driven. Furthermore, only after obtaining this green light will a person have the ability to register it and get a license plate.

The skilled technicians at the Cetus Automotive Repair Centre will perform a thorough check of the vehicle to make sure the steering, tires, drive train, brakes, electrical and exhaust systems, and so on, are functioning as they should.

If the vehicle is from out of province, and the owner would like to register it locally, first, it must pass inspection to be in line with government compliance. Once the inspection is deemed successful, the owner is given a form to present to the nearest registry office in Calgary, Alberta.

Cetus Auto has been serving the residents of Calgary for over 35 years. It is the only machine and automotive repair shop in the area that also specializes in engine rebuilding. Customers also love seeing the shop’s pet Kangaroos.

The “Roos” and some of the team’s work can be viewed in the photos posted here

The staff works hard and is proud to have received several consumer choice awards for excellence in customer service over the years.

A spokesperson for the company says, “We believe in honesty, and no work is ever done without the customer’s approval first.”

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