Visitor Journey Marketing Increase Engagement Boost Sales Report Launched

Guided customer journey marketing is at the forefront of a new report showcasing the importance of user engagement when visitors land on a business's page. It is of utmost importance to retain customers and boost engagement when visitors land on a site.

A new report has been launched focusing on the benefits of targeted user journey marketing in today’s increasingly competitive market, where more businesses than ever before have a presence online and the net is cluttered with competition. It explains that it is difficult for new site owners to build successful marketing funnels because they need to know how to test their lead magnet and web pages and find the best products to promote at the right time. But well implemented designs can help businesses in any niche to succeed.

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Research shows that most web browsers don’t get past the first page on Google, which makes it of utmost importance to rank highly through carefully tailored and well orchestrated SEO campaigns and marketing strategies.

But it is of equal importance to be able to hold onto visitors once they do click through to a businesses site. Because of the nature of the internet and the short attention span of the average browser, it is easy to click away from a page when someone loses interest.

Businesses need to hook their audience from the beginning of the customer journey, and ensure that every stage of the process is geared towards keeping that visitor reading and engaged. This is where a well structured marketing approach can help.

Guiding the user journey can be divided into several steps, which differ depending on the model of marketing design being utilised. These steps often take the form of common phases, including the Awareness Phase, in which prospects become aware of the existence of a product, service or solution to their needs, and a number of other phases the customer will go through before deciding they’re going to make a purchase.

The report showcases how important it is to understand how guided marketing campaigns work and how businesses in any niche can use them to engage with their audience, get more visitors and retain those visitors when they do land.

Full details can be found on the URL above, where interested parties can read up on the guided marketingfunnel process.

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