Virtual Team Events For Remote Workforce Service Launched

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An events agency servicing the US and Canada has introduced virtual events that combine an innovative app and video streaming technology to create engaging activities for remote personnel.

A US/Canadian events company has launched its new virtual event service for businesses looking to bring together geographically distributed employees for team-building activities.

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Slixer Events is offering companies a way to organize online events through live video streaming, its proprietary Mobile Adventure app, and immersive activities. According to the firm, its partnership with a UK virtual-tech company allows it to offer engaging activities designed for people working offsite.

It aims to set its events apart through a number of themed interactive activities that are set up to allow the participation of both on-site and remote staff.

For example, its murder mystery activity lets participants play a virtual whodunit with their colleagues. Here, actors and the company’s app help move the plot forward as multiple players attempt to solve the mystery.

Other themes are also available, such as treasure hunts, escape rooms, space adventures, and just introduced is Arctic Escape: Survive or Perish.

Slixer can also organize hybrid events, which combine in-person and virtual participants. This option allows a team in one location to engage with their remote co-workers.

Its event preparations begin by first gathering information to determine the event’s objectives. Afterwards, the team will customize the activity to accommodate corporate messages and media that clients want to share with their staff.

After the planning stage is complete, employees can log on to participate in the activity with their onsite counterparts.

Like in other countries, the number of people working remotely has increased in North America because of the ongoing pandemic.

The results of a recent PWC survey revealed that 59% of North Americans are now working remotely. Maintaining morale and company culture was the top challenge named by employers who participated in the study.

PWC stated that the organizations that are more likely to succeed in this transition are those that can think differently in terms of building engagement in hybrid setups.

“Remote teams need to be engaged without sacrificing their comfort and safety, and our virtual services can make sure of that,” a company spokesperson said. “With our highly customizable activities, businesses can create memorable events that seamlessly communicate their company messages.”

Full details about the service and its benefits can be found at the URL above.

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