Virtual Summer Camp With Performing Arts Financial Literacy Life Skills Launched

Jay Cameron has launched a Virtual Summer Camp for kids ages nine and up. It comprises performing arts, financial literacy, life skills, video and audio editing, visual arts, and other activities.

Philanthropist, Author, and Entrepreneur of Life Camp, Jay Cameron has announced the launch of his Virtual Summer Camp. The camp accommodates youths from ages nine and above and offers a comprehensive summer experience.

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The newly launched online virtual setting of the camp comes in light of the current pandemic and promises more options than ever before. It aims at helping parents who are looking for an experience that offers lifelong benefits and unforgettable memories while encouraging their children to reach their maximum potential.

The program combines performing arts, financial literacy, life skills, video and audio editing, visual arts, and YouTube Channel creation. Other aspects of the program include acting, singing, dancing, coding, website creation, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy, along with ACT preparations.

Jay understands that with the current pandemic there has been an increase in idle time for kids. From staying up late at nights, to playing hours of video games, to spending even more hours on social media and their phones, or even sleeping mostly during the day, it could be worrying to parents to see the new unproductive occupations of their children. This is one of the reasons the Virtual Summer Camp was created.

The advantages for participants of Life Camp Virtual 2020 include exposure to more fun learning options, live instructors with interaction, having the opportunity of meeting people from different places, and learning from the safety of the home. Parents also have the opportunity to access a community of like-minded individuals who are investing in their children’s lives. There will also be a live finale event that will showcase every participant.

The program comes in specialized 90-minute to 120-minute sessions, and spaces are very limited and are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. The mission of Life Camp is to develop positive characters through performing and visual arts, multimedia, and life-skills training.

Interested parties can click on the link above to find out more and to sign up for the Virtual Summer Camp.

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