Virtual Nurse RX to provide bilingual Medical VAs who are licensed US RNs

Doctors and mental health professionals spend too much time dealing with EHR system. Now, Virtual Nurse RX provides bilingual virtual assistants to mental health professionals. In addition, all virtual assistants from Virtual Nurse RX are registered nurses.

The healthcare community has been under a significant amount of stress recently. With a recent study published by the American Medical Association showing that most medical providers spend more than 50 percent of their time handling EHR tasks, it should come as no surprise that burnout rates are increasing. Now, Virtual Nurse RX is launching a program that provides mental health professionals with access to bilingual medical assistants who are registered nurses and can take some of the tasks off of their shoulders.

Medical providers did not go to school to spend most of their time sitting in front of a computer. They went to school to take care of patients. Unfortunately, a lot of medical providers spend more time on a computer than they do with their patients. Now, Virtual Nurse RX offers a solution to take care of this problem.

Mental Health Professionals Are In More Demand Than Ever

Every medical practice has gone through a lot of changes during the last two years, but some areas have seen bigger challenges than others. Without a doubt, mental health professionals are in higher demand now than they ever have been in the past. With a lot of people struggling to deal with financial stress, medical stress, and significant life changes, lots of people are turning to mental health professionals for help. Unfortunately, mental health professionals are not always able to keep up with demand, particularly when they spend a lot of time typing up medical notes.

Mental health professionals are known for providing detailed records, but this also means they spend a lot of time working with an EHR system. This might mean they are not able to spend as much time as they would like with their patients. Fortunately, Virtual Nurse RX provides a program that can help with that.

Virtual Nurse RX Provides a Relief Valve Through Bilingual Medical Virtual Assistants

Even though mental health professionals do not need to handle all of their EHR tasks on their own, it does require someone with a lot of training and experience to adequately take care of tasks involving medical records. That is where Virtual Nurse RX can help.

Virtual Nurse RX provides a relief valve for medical professionals, including mental health professionals, through bilingual virtual assistants. With access to trained and experienced virtual assistants, mental health professionals can spend more time taking care of their patients and less time doing clerical work. Furthermore, the bilingual virtual assistants available through Virtual Nurse RX are registered nurses. This means they have the training and experience necessary to interpret medical jargon, make accurate decisions, and adequately assist medical providers, including mental health professionals.

Virtual Nurse RX Has Set Itself Apart

Virtual Nurse RX has set itself apart from the other virtual assistants available. Unlike other services, virtual assistants from Virtual Nurse RX are registered nurses who are certified in the United States. Furthermore, virtual assistants speak both English and Spanish, making it easier for medical providers to meet the needs of their patients. Furthermore, Virtual Nurse RX has implemented the strictest security protocols in the industry, making sure everyone’s information is adequately protected. Finally, medical practices, including mental health professionals, have access to a dedicated nurse coordinator at no additional cost.

It is important for mental health professionals to take care of themselves. This means working with a service that can take some of the load off of their shoulders. Virtual Nurse RX provides talented, trained, and experienced clinical professionals who can make life easier for medical providers at all levels, including mental health professionals who sorely need it.

About Virtual Nurse RX

Virtual Nurse RX is a company that gives mental health professionals, doctors, and other clinical professionals access to bilingual virtual assistants who are registered nurses. Virtual assistants can help with a variety of tasks, allowing mental health professionals and medical professionals to focus on their patients. To learn more about Virtual Nurse RX, visit the website, check out Virtual Nurse RX on Twitter, and swing by the Virtual Nurse RX Facebook page.

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