Virtual Keynote Speaker Fights Zoom Fatigue by Presenting from Mountaintops

John Beede International, Inc., a professional motivational speaker, has updated his services to offer virtual speeches from actual mountaintops designed to inspire and motivate teams.

This keynote speaker is fighting zoom fatigue by speaking from the top of literal mountains. He’s delivering virtual keynote and motivational speeches while climbing peaks. John came up with this innovative idea due to the zoom fatigue that many event participants experience with online conferences.

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John’s recently updated keynote services are achieved with the aid of a 360-degree camera, an autonomous AI drone, and a premium microphone.

If the client’s audience involves a team of professionals, John will work with the client from start to finish. If the audience consists of students or educators, he is represented by Top Youth Speakers.

John will climb an actual mountain and, based on the client’s needs, he will film a visually stunning and fully customized presentation. John can also share his riveting Everest and 7 summits climbing experiences, taking participants up the world’s tallest mountains, sharing lessons about how to achieve long-term goals and overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of success.

He also offers an optional Q&A session which allows those in attendance to ask any live or pre-planned questions to help emphasize the theme of the event. The messages he promotes in his keynotes include teaching teams how to boost their determination, stay focused, learn to adapt, improve productivity, and enhance performance.

John Beede has given live keynotes in 48 US states and 7 countries during his 15 years as a professional speaker and is the only speaker giving keynotes from extravagant and attention-grabbing locations like mountaintops. The information and knowledge he shares in his speeches are based on content from fully-researched academic journals. If the client is unsatisfied with his work for any reason, his services will be cost-free. John is also the author of several inspirational books which include “The Warrior Challenge” and “The Mini-Manual For Becoming Super-Awesome”.

A satisfied client said: “Our 400 jet-lagged sales representatives came to China from 21 countries and spoke 7 languages. John delivered exactly what we were looking for: motivation, energy, fun, and great techniques for high performance and success. The feedback was tremendous.”

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