Virtual Keynote/Motivational Mountaintop Speaker – Productivity Sessions Launch

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A newly updated virtual keynote speaking program has been launched by John Beede. He uses his mountaineering expertise and cutting-edge technology to provide a unique and engaging virtual occasion for clients.

John Beede International Inc. has launched an updated keynote speaking program that features virtual talks from mountaintops. He aims to help businesses overcome Zoom fatigue by providing a unique take on motivational talks and resilience-focused presentations.

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The latest service update provides businesses with a distinctive way to inspire their team through engaging talks set against real-life mountain backdrops. John Beede offers keynotes on increasing resilience, finding calm in chaos, and adapting to changing conditions.

Businesses that want to inspire their workforce to attain flow state, increase productivity, or create more innovative work as a team will be able to hire John Beede for a distinctive keynote experience.

John Beede uses a 360 camera and professional-grade microphone alongside an AI-powered autonomous drone to create eye-catching and visceral live speaking content.

As an Everest climber himself, he has experienced the thrills of scaling some of the highest points in the world. Now he is utilizing this experience as a means to provide businesses with a more entertaining and memorable keynote event.

The virtual keynote speaker covers a range of topics, and is focused on inspiring and motivating businesses, schools, and live-event audiences with results-focused, visually compelling presentations.

One of the main challenges facing businesses during the pandemic is the over-reliance on Zoom for presentations, speeches, and events. This has led to staff becoming tired of watching the screen, which usually features an individual in their office or set against a plain backdrop.

John Beede will customize his content based on the event in question. He can tailor each message to the theme of the occasion, and the result is an inspiring session that differentiates itself from more standard virtual events.

John states: “You need a powerful, impactful presentation that will land just as powerfully as though it were delivered in a live auditorium or conference center. I’ll climb a literal mountain with an autonomous drone and, based on your event theme, film the most epic custom presentation your people have ever seen or heard.”

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