Virtual Haitian Creole Language Lessons – Live Group Zoom Sessions Updated

Creole Tutors (1-877-627-3653), an online Haitian Creole tutoring company, has updated its services to offer group sessions and one-on-one learning experiences.

The company’s newly updated services are provided by native Haitian-Creole tutors that are fully proficient in the language and have a rich understanding of both the culture and history. Students will be able to learn from the comfort of their homes as the tutoring sessions will be conducted via Zoom and all of the material needed to learn the language will be accessible online.

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Creole Tutors’ recently updated Haitian Creole learning options include personalized one-on-one lessons and group sessions based on age groups and proficiency. Students will find a full schedule on their website detailing the dates, times, and level of instruction being provided.

The language’s vocabulary is based on phonetic 18th-century French while its grammar and sentence structure is derived from the Fon and Igbo languages. There are an estimated 12 million Haitian Creole speakers across the world, and it is currently the second most spoken language in Cuba with over 300,000 Haitian speakers.

The company’s tutors will cover crucial language components including dialects, phrases, basic questions, verbs, vocabulary, and the alphabet. Although having a background in French will aid with the student’s learning experience, it is not necessary as their tutors utilize effective instructional methods designed to help the student learn as easily as possible.

Students will receive instruction at a comfortable pace to ensure they keep up with the material by starting with language basics and slowly moving toward more advanced lessons. Because of this, the student will be able to successfully learn the language even if they have no prior Creole knowledge as long as they are committed to practicing and completing the assigned work.

Creole Tutors was established by a group of passionate Haitian Creole instructors to help empower and promote their unique culture through language education. They are dedicated to providing an effective and convenient learning method for both young children and adults.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Students who come to learn Creole at Creole Tutors arrive in a place of higher learning, where our calling is to teach you all we know about this vernacular language. With professionalism and clarity, our learning center is a stepping stone on your linguistic journey ahead.”

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