Virtual Escape Games for Team Building Launched

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United Kingdom-based Virtual Staff Engagement has launched its virtual team building activities to help businesses motivate and engage their teams during a complicated global period.

United Kingdom, Surrey based Virtual Staff Engagement has launched its virtual team building activities. This service is intended to help businesses motivate and engage their teams during a period in which remote working has been rising.

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This recently launched virtual team-building company has been set up to help companies deal with issues that might have developed in a traditional office setting in an engaging, digital way. For example, leaders concerned about increasing cross-functional communication and understanding might try the virtual game Conundrums, a word-based game that lasts 30-60 minutes and is ideal for teamwork.

Virtual Staff Engagement also aims to help re-engage bored employees or those that might feel restless with the new work-from-home setup. Their virtual escape games are also suited for teams by being engaging and challenging and lasting up to 90 minutes. Virtual Escape Games

The virtual team-building activities also go beyond virtual escape games and aim to provide teams with virtual activities and training. These include experiences dedicated toward improving health and well-being, motivation, resilience, and a new approach to parallel thinking called De Bono Thinking Hats.

Virtual Staff Engagement intends to motivate and engage teams and help companies build a strong team to grow through the current pandemic and beyond. Other activities that may assist this growth include Sketchnoting for Business and Memory Mission.

Rachel Howourth, the founder and director of Momentum South West, shared her experience with the virtual team building platform. “Our sales training delegates absolutely loved the games. The activities allowed everyone to participate and practise the skills needed to be more effective with their customers. I definitely would use their services again.”

More information on the rise of virtual escape games and team building, including to book a demo of Virtual Staff Engagement’s services, can be found here

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