Virtual Conference Sponsorship Package System – Revenue Growth Guide Released

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Amid the changing face of public gatherings in the post-pandemic era, the Tucson, AZ-based company behind an industry-leading virtual conferencing platform announces a new initiative to help event planners maximize advertising revenue.

vConferenceOnline has launched The Sponsorship Package Playbook – a detailed guide for conference organizers. The resource offers innovative ideas and practical advice on how to attract sponsors and sustain successful partnerships for the good of both parties.

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The newly released Playbook details a variety of methods that can be used to increase return on investment for planners, provide value for sponsors, and enhance the experience of conference attendees.

The rise of virtual events has presented new opportunities for both organizers and advertisers but determining how multi-level sponsor offerings are differentiated in the realm of online or hybrid events can be challenging. vConferenceOnline’s new guide discusses the importance of early decision-making regarding single or multiple sponsorship packages.

Another essential aspect of sponsorship in today’s conferencing sector is that of lead guarantees. The Playbook stresses the need for the realistic appraisal of these figures. This should be based on basic statistics like the number of attendees.

In addition, vConferenceOnline advocates for the consideration of factors such as lead qualification based on demographics, industry, location, or company size. Other aspects discussed in the guide include due diligence regarding an event’s privacy policy, ensuring data protection obligations are met before making guarantees to sponsors.

The Sponsorship Package Playbook includes ideas relating to session-specific sponsors. This can open up a range of opportunities for promotional segments and brand visibility, providing an attractive platform for potential backers.

Another area covered in the playbook guide is giving sponsors space to interact directly with attendees. vCconferenceOnline offers up the idea of a virtual networking lounge, or booths, with a facility for private messaging among guests.

Clients can book a demo session with the company at no cost – to see for themselves the benefits of the vConferenceOnline platform.

About vConferenceOnline

The company has been hosting events for over 15 years, marrying state-of-the-art technology with a commitment to enabling creative and accessible communication for businesses across all sectors.

A spokesperson says, “With our unique playlist system you present your content to your audience just like TV. This gives added value for sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees.”

With the launch of The Sponsorship Package Playbook, vConferenceOnline continues to set the standard for creativity and revenue generation in the virtual events sector.

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