Virtual Childrens Writing Critical Thinking Literacy Online Tutoring Launched

The Reading Ranch launches virtual PK-6th grade literacy, reading, writing and critical thinking classes using award-winning curriculum and individualized live instruction.

The Reading Ranch, a children’s literacy program with locations throughout Texas, has launched the Virtual Literacy Program (VLP) to make literacy education available online throughout the United States and the world.

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The virtual literacy classes that The Reading Ranch has launched will allow students in Pre-K through 6th grade to improve reading, writing, and comprehension skills in live 50-minute lessons with only 1-2 students per teacher.

Many students around the globe are attending school virtually due to the pandemic. Others may attend in person but need tutoring which may not be available on an in-person basis. This virtual program will allow students to improve literacy skills from the comfort of home.

Nearly 35% of US 4th grade students are below basic reading level. Low reading ability affects every other area of a child’s academic day. Without at least grade-level reading, writing, and critical thinking skills, it is difficult for students to understand instructions on assignments, write cohesive answers on assessments, and feel comfortable in school.

The award-winning Reading Ranch Virtual Learning Program has graduated lessons covering essential literacy skills. These skills include phonics, spelling, guided reading, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and recall, handwriting, and grammar.

In 4th through 6th grade, the program focuses on Critical Analysis & Reasoning (CARs) along with other areas of literacy need. This critical thinking education will serve students well in all subjects as expectations increase with age.

Participating in the program is a month-to-month commitment with no contracts. Teachers are certified in the Reading Ranch methods and are very responsive to student needs. The VLP program is also helpful for ELL/ESL students and the program’s early intervention helps students with dyslexia.

The Reading Ranch only teaches literacy. This allows the teachers to focus undivided attention and continued training on this area of academics. The program is multi-sensory, interactive, and avoids worksheets and random drills.

The Virtual Learning Program is the creation of Dr. Kim Southwell, who has 22 years of teaching experience and has spent many years as a reading specialist. She trains all the Reading Ranch teachers and has been a family and parent literacy trainer as well.

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