Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. Rolloff Container Company Works with Construction Companies for Green Results

EnviroSolutions is a LEED certified waste management company that works with construction companies to dispose waste in environmentally friendly ways that are in accordance with new guidelines.

Construction sites generate a lot of waste, which often includes heavy metals and other materials that may be hazardous for the environment and the health of people living near the site. To combat this problem, EnviroSolutions, Inc. has released its new guidelines for helping construction companies dispose of waste cleanly.

EnviroSolutions, Inc. is a waste management and dumpster rental company based out of Manassas, Virginia, that serves clients and works with construction and demolition companies throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. The company is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, meaning that it is a leader in green building practices and waste management. 

In 2000, the US Green Building Council developed LEED to help construction and design companies monitor their use of energy and raw materials when building a home or office building. LEED is now recognized by most companies in the industry as being the official and universally accepted rating system for a company’s sustainable building methods. “Everyone knows that getting LEED certified is the best way to be recognized as a leader in green building practices, and we want to help companies do all that they can to become certified,” says an EnviroSolutions, Inc. representative.

EnviroSolutions, Inc. works with construction companies throughout the DMV area to customize a Construction Waste Management Plan (CWMP) that best fits a company’s needs and goals. To develop a CWMP, the waste management team first meets with the heads of construction projects to determine the group’s specific LEED goals for each project. Then, EnviroSolutions, Inc. helps the construction company develop a specific plan for disposing of waste during construction and demolition, deciding on a plan that minimizes costs and maximizes recycling potential. Finally, EnviroSolutions, Inc. implements the plan on behalf of the construction company, ensuring their waste management is done properly.

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About EnviroSolutions, Inc.For over a decade, EnviroSolutions, Inc. has been providing waste collection, disposal and recycling services in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. With a targeted focus on customer service and safety, as well as a commitment to the environmental health and the communities of the areas they serve, EnviroSolutions, Inc. provides complete waste service to the regions they serve, including trash hauling, landfill services, and recycling services. Visit today for more information.

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