Virginia Janitorial service launches COVID-19 task force to disinfect facilities

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Sterling-based disinfectant firm EnviroSafe, LLC launched a COVID-19 task force to disinfect workplaces, schools and other facilities with the same level of decontamination it provides to its largest customers.

EnviroSafe Disinfectant Services sanitizes schools, offices, homes, restaurants and medical facilities across greater Washington D.C. area, Virginia and Maryland. It leveraged its experience cleaning and disinfecting medical facilities to engineer a full-level disinfection program aimed at cleaning away the coronavirus at home and in the workspace.

The 25-year-old company, which serves Eastern Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington D.C. suburbs, has been inundated with business over the past three months as businesses and schools look to do deep cleans at a time when the spread of the coronavirus is peaking rapidly throughout metro Washington and beyond.

“This past month has been intense. We’re providing new office disinfectant services to Washington area offices, schools, and restaurants who have not hired us before. And we’re seeing current customers increase the frequency of service and upgrade to an extra level of service,” Envirosafe Director of Operations Larry Green said. “People are being very cautious right now and are getting full-level disinfection to protect their families at home and their staff at work.”

The company, which has it’s office in Sterling VA responded to the coronavirus before it resulted in long lines at grocery stores and the Washington lockdown.

“We recognize the significance of cleaning and janitorial services as essential to our state’s response to the immense challenges presented by COVID-19.” Larry Geene said. “We’re on the front line in this pandemic. I can’t say enough about how great our office cleaners are. They go into work every night disinfecting and helping make offices safer for when the staff return in the morning.”

EnviroSafe has pledged to keep essential products and services up and running during this time of crisis. They continue to create new jobs for Americans as the urgent need for sanitizing services, disinfection and decontamination continue to escalate throughout the metro Washington area.

“The Company’s commitment to deep disinfecting and sanitation services as an essential preventive measure is shared by all our employees” Larry Geene said. “They are prepared with the expertise, resources, and equipment to support our customers and their people remain safe and healthy.”

EnviroSafe believes healthcare facility, school, food distribution center, commercial and industrial company, data center, retailer, drug store, fitness center or other business cannot stay open or reopen without ensuring the health of their employees, customers, and products. It is committed to do its part in mitigating the impact of coronavirus and in turning the tide on this pandemic.

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