Virginia Embroidery and Screen Printing Company Announces Upcoming February Specials

All Star Sports February specials includes a solid-color heavyweight T-shirt with the customer’s team or sponsor name on the front and a number on the back. Click for more detail.

All Star Sports of Woodbridge, Virginia, will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary this year. What began as a small business with one store in Dale City, Virginia, is now a thriving enterprise that has moved three times to accommodate space and order needs. Sales, retail and production managers Brian and Ron Dull say they are proud and grateful to work in the very business their father built, and are looking forward to many more years working with each other and the rest of their dedicated staff.

All Star Sports recently went digital with an updated website that includes online ordering. Customers can also now choose their designs and colors beforehand in an online design studio. The design studio covers business wear and sportswear as well as appropriate clothing for all types of weather. Their sportswear T-shirt is a bestseller and has been voted most popular across several local clubs, teams, and organizations. 

Although many of All Star Sports’ products are geared toward sports, Brian and Ron Dull say it’s important that non-athletes and people passionate about other causes enjoy the store, too. Therefore, they offer several non-athletic artwork and slogan options. These include military, holiday, religious, and first responder clothing. Customers can also have clothing and hats designed for particular events, such as fundraisers, festivals, or charity outreach events. Engaged couples can even have clothing made to announce their wedding or bachelor/bachelorette parties.

All Star Sports has always supported their local schools, and so their stores offer several school-centered artwork options. High school seniors regularly order class T-shirts. Almost every school activity and event is covered, from athletics and homecoming to choir to drama club.

This February, All Star Sports hopes to increase its client base and support long-standing customers with some new specials. They will sell a T-shirt and hat combination for $20 each. The combo includes a solid-color heavyweight T-shirt with the customer’s team or sponsor name on the front and a number on the back. The combination also includes a pro-style solid-color hat with basic embroidery. All Star Sports promises a ten-day turnaround and combinations can be ordered online if the customer orders a minimum of twelve combination pieces.

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About All Star Sports

For over 25 years, All Star Sports has been providing sporting goods, screen printing, embroidery, team outfitters, and more. Located in Woodbridge, Virginia, All Star Sports happily serves customers with team uniforms and equipment, as well as corporate and business apparel, and always strives to meet their customers’ expectations. For more information, please

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