Virginia Dumpster Rental Company Says End of October Is a Great Time for Fall Yard Cleanup Projects

The Virginia Department of Forestry says autumn is in full color across much of the state, and while green still rules in the east, falling leaves and brisker weather are near, making it a good time to plan for yard cleanups.

As of October 15, the DOF said that areas with elevations of 3,000 feet or more were at 50 percent to full peak coloration, which means leaves were dropping rapidly in those areas to the west. The DOF also noted that peak coloration would hit the more eastern, flat areas between October 15 and 30, with coastal areas seeing changes a bit after. What that means for the area around Manassas is that yards are going to start seeing fall debris very shortly, and by the end of October and early November, most of the leaves will have fallen.

The time just after trees drop their foliage and before the holiday bustle (and potential ice/snow season) kicks into gear is a great time for residents and businesses to handle annual yard cleanup. Besides picking up trees and branches that may have fallen due to changing seasons and fall winds, property owners can leverage cool, pleasant weather to handle some heavier yard duties. Some trees and bushes thrive best when pruned and trimmed well in the fall, and without leaves to get in the way, this can be a good time to cut down wayward branches or entire shrubs or trees.

Some North Virginia residents like to salvage what they can from these efforts, turning yard waste into firewood for the winter or fuel for cold-weather campfires, but not all yard waste can be so useful. Whatever isn't going in the fire pit or the compost pile will have to be hauled off somehow, and ESI Waste says that a dumpster rental may be the right solution in such cases.

"Anyone can rent a dumpster, and they come in all sizes. We've got smaller rolling bins for people who are cleaning up their yard and just need to toss leaves and walnuts or something," says an ESI Waste representative. "But we've also got larger containers for big yards, neighborhood cleanups or business needs."

Residents and business owners planning on outdoor cleanup as the cascade of leaves dwindles may want to schedule Virginia dumpster rentals and deliveries now to ensure plans go as desired.

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