Virginia Dumpster Provider Provides Solutions for Any Size Construction Project

Construction projects are in need of constant dumpster rental services. Galaxy Dumpsters is one of the leading providers in Virginia.

One of the most necessary occupational fields in America today is construction work. Construction professionals build our homes and businesses and often make the extra effort to inspect those places and alert Galaxy Transfer to hazards that must be repaired. Due to the sheer size of construction projects, construction can also be one of the most wasteful fields in America. Thus, construction professionals are more anxious than ever to “go green” within their businesses.

Galaxy Transfer Dumpsters of Manassas, Virginia, is eager to help construction workers in Virginia and its surrounding states stay environmentally responsible. Their roll-off dumpsters are popular items for any construction site and any size project, whether it’s residential or business-based. Galaxy Transfer is dedicated to providing “world class…disposal and recycling services,” thereby educating clients on the values of recycling and upcycling over simple trash disposal. Galaxy Transfer staff is “relentless” in its provision of customer service and helps everyone find the right dumpster or waste management plan for them.

Galaxy Transfer is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-certified company. As such, their waste management and waste hauling techniques are some of the most environmentally responsible in their region. They offer containers in lengths from 10 to 40 yards for any construction project, ranging from simple home repairs to complex renovations or new construction. The staff is equipped to efficiently haul away even the largest and most cumbersome construction materials including wood, brick, stone, and vinyl siding.

Galaxy Transfer recommends that construction workers use recycled and upcycled materials as much as possible to stay green. One of the easiest recycled materials to access in the Galaxy Transfer area is reconfigured wood. Galaxy Transfer also recommends homeowners and construction workers work together to find environmentally friendly building materials. For example, metal has been proven more weather-resistant than wood or vinyl.

About: Located in Manassas, VA, Galaxy Transfer Dumpsters offers environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional waste disposal and management

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