Virginia Concealed Carry Online Class – CCW Training VA Reveals New Case Study

Many handgun owners are able to get licensed to carry a concealed weapon by attending Virginia's online concealed carry course.This case study reveals how easy the process can be.

CCW Training VA revealed a new case study today on the Virginia Concealed Carry Online Training Course. This case study demonstrates how easy it is complete the training and obtain a concealed carry license with just 45 minutes of class time.

The case study also made it obvious that Virginia Non-Residents can use this loop hole to get a concealed carry license in certain other states as well.

CCW Training VA owner Dustin Aaron says, “[t]here are many people looking for insights and answers about the Virginia Concealed Carry Online Class. Many state lawmakers and anti-gun advocates believe that this training makes it entirely too easy–and inexpensive–for just people who may be unqualified to get a concealed handgun license.” 

This case study reveals in a practical way what’s possible with the right information and guidance.

The case study is available at

While most states, like Texas, require citizens to take some form of a shooting test to demonstrate competency with a handgun, the Commonwealth of Virginia only requires a written exam to complete the certification process. 

“The written test really isn’t that difficult,” says Mr. Aaron, “most people are going to pass the test on the first try…some people could probably pass the written test without actually watching the training videos.”

Most Non-Virginia residents can take this training and get licensed to carry a concealed handgun in up to 28 states, while Virginia residents can be licensed in up to 31 states by taking advantage of the various reciprocity laws.

The “loop hole” exists because many states require up to ten hours of classroom training taught by a state certified instructor. Those who pass take the classroom training, then have to pass both a written exam and a handgun shooting test. However, the Virginia Concealed Carry Online Training course makes it easy to bypass all of that by completing the online training (which usually takes less than one hour).

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