Virginia Beach Water Damage Emergency Services Company Relocation Announced

Virginia Beach water damage remediation company VA Beach NOVA FMS has moved its headquarters to the city. The company will offer a full range of water damage repair, flood damage remediation, and mold damage treatments to homeowners and businesses in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads.

Virginia Beach water damage remediation company VA Beach NOVA FMS announced the relocation of its headquarters from the DC area to the city. The company also announced the introduction of its mold treatment and low turnaround water damage emergency services.

More information about VA Beach NOVA FMS is available at

The Virginia Beach water damage solutions company will offer the services of its expert emergency water damage response team. The team typically responds to water leaks and flooding situations within 2 hours of the first call to ensure the proper removal of water and the containment of flooding so that drying and remediation procedures may be commenced as quickly as possible.

Responsiveness and low turnaround times are key focus areas of the company’s service offering. These focus areas ensure that VA Beach NOVA FMS teams are on site as quickly as possible to prevent the development and proliferation of mold and mildew. Storm and flood damage are common in the aftermath of heavy rains and cyclonic storms, and the company specializes in water damage repair to restore flooring, carpeting, walls, and other structures to their original condition.

According to a spokesperson for the VA Beach mold damage prevention company, “We are happy to have the opportunity to serve the community in and around Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads with speedy water & flood remediation services. Our emergency water damage response team now offers the same excellence in turnaround and service quality that our DC area customers have come to expect.”

VA Beach NOVA FMS is a full-service water damage repair contractor with more than 20 years’ experience in rapid response services in the wake of natural and human-made flooding. The company is licensed, bonded, and fully insured to provide these services in the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads region. More information about the company and its emergency services is available over the phone at 571-200-8995 and at the URL above.

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