Virgin Hair Extensions : Finding Virgin Hair at Affordable Prices

Virgin Hair Extensions may be widely considered a luxury item but they can be affordable on any budget if consumers no where to look.

Virgin Hair Extensions are the hottest trend in hair right now. Everyone from celebrities to soccer moms is wearing virgin hair extensions or wigs made of virgin hair.

     Women and men alike have been wearing hair extensions for years but what sets virgin hair extensions apart and makes them so popular is their beauty and versatility. However, there is a down side to wearing virgin hair…the cost.  Virgin hair extensions are widely considered a luxury item because they are so expensive.  The cost of virgin hair can range from hundreds to more than a thousand dollars per hair style depending on where the hair is purchased and how much hair is needed for a given style. There are so many different types of virgin hair available from so many vendors that there are actually how-to guides to help consumers buy virgin hair.

    What the how-to guides may not tell consumers is how to find virgin hair at affordable prices. These days finding virgin hair extensions for less than a hundred dollars per bundle may seem like hunting for buried treasure. It’s actually a lot easier than that!

   First things first, be social.  Social networks are a gold mind for finding quality virgin hair at really great prices. You tube has a million hair reviews on companies that sell virgin hair. Best of all, those hair reviews have comments from other people who have purchased hair from those companies, Youtube is a great place to start. Twitter and Instagram are also excellent resources. Lots of virgin hair companies hold contests to win free virgin hair products on social media. All consumers have to do to enter most of these contests is follow, subscribe, retweet, or share.  More importantly, most virgin hair companies offer discounts in the form of coupons and even free shipping on their social media accounts.

Facebook  can be very useful for product reviews when purchasing virign hair extensions. One often overlooked resource that consumers don’t  think about is to google virgin hair extensions for the city that they live in. This may seem like a no-brainer but lots of people don’t even think about this step. The reason to google virgin hair extensions for “Given City” is because the search results will bring up a number of hair salons in that city who install virgin hair extensions. More and more salons sell virgin hair, and often times they sell it at a huge discount for patrons having  extensions installed at the salon.  This may not be a good fit for do it yourself gurus, but for those who have virgin hair  extensions installed professionally it would hurt to check and see if the salon offers hair at a discount.

   Last but not least, everyone purchasing virgin hair extensions whether it be online, in person, or at a salon should always double check the  Virgin Hair Extensions Top 10 Buying Tips to make sure they’er getting the highest quality virgin hair extensions.

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