Viral Source Tom Yevsikov 2016 Content Locker Generator & Edit Software Launched

Viral Source, a software developed to help online marketers grow their social media presence by creating customizable content locker boxes requesting visitors to share and tag on their social media platforms or sign up for push notifications, to unlock the content, has been launched.

Viral Source, a brand new content allowing online marketers and website administrators to easily create customized content locker boxes requiring a social media platform share, tag or signup from visitors to unlock the content, has been launched.

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Viral Source was created by Tom Yevsikov, Gaurab Borah, Stefan Ciancio and Timothy Miranda to help online marketers leverage the content offered to visitors on their website to grow their social media presence.

The newly launched software allows the users to easily set-up, create and display content locker boxes on their website requiring visitors to complete an action, ranging from one or multiple social media shares on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest or Tumblr to tagging a certain number of Facebook friends or signing up to a Facebook push notification service, and more, to unlock the content.

All content locker boxes can be customized through the software’s dashboard to include personalized calls to action and messages in different fonts and colors, customizable timers and buttons in various sizes, shapes or styles along with different background colors, patterns or images, and more.

The Viral Source software also tracks the performance of each particular content locker to provide detailed information/analytics on its dashboard and can be integrated with the major autoresponders to import the Facebook email addresses provided when visitors complete the Facebook push notifications sign up option.

More information on the newly launched Viral Source software and its multiple features along with a detailed demo video by the developers detailing how to use the dashboard and set-up or edit the content locker boxes can be consulted on the website link provided above or at

The developers explain that “Viral Source is a software that allows the user to create a short code which they can paste on their website to display a content locker that asks the visitors to complete an action, or multiple actions, to unlock what’s under the content locker”.

They add that “one example of this is a content locker saying “click the button below to our free e-book”, which when clicked will ask the visitor to share the page to different social media networks, tag a certain amount of FB friends or sign up for automatic unlimited FB push notifications. The software then verifies they did indeed share the page, tagged their friends or signed up and remove the locker to display the e-book”.

Release ID: 120130